company-profile Sutindo Chemical Indonesia is the polyurethane system manufacturer located in Indonesia, which started the operation in May 2006. We like to work closely with each customer to provide customized product for small lots or mass production suitable to the customer needs.

Our products are manufactured in accordance to SCI quality management system that was formulated based on several standard requirements. We carefully select the raw material we order from worldwide reputable suppliers, and test all raw materials based on COA from the suppliers. The fully automated controlled machines with SAP systems will never let the chemical process go beyond certain tolerances. To maintain the measurement accuracy, all machineries and equipments are regularly calibrated. As we keep the retain sample taken during the process, we can track back the delivered product by its batch number when needed.

We welcome blanket order, and confidently ready to support kanban based companies which always need just-in-time raw material deliveries to minimize the inventory capital and warehouse spaces.